BreastScreen Tasmania’s important milestone

3 February 2014

Cancer Council Tasmania today congratulated BreastScreen Tasmania on celebrating its 21st birthday.

CEO Penny Egan said it was an important milestone.

“For 21 years BreastScreen Tasmania has played a vital role in detecting early breast cancer,” Mrs Egan said.

“Screening aims to diagnose breast cancers early before they have spread.

“The benefits of early detection are indisputable.

“An early diagnosis means that there is a much better likelihood of a cure, women are not dying unnecessarily in their prime, and can continue to live long, healthy productive lives.

“All women aged over 40, without symptoms, are encouraged to access BreastScreen Tasmania’s free screening program every two years.

“We encourage women who have a lump or any unusual change in their breasts to go to their doctor.

“Over the last 21 years, BreastScreen Tasmania has performed almost half a million screening mammograms.

“The work of BreastScreen Tasmania has detected about 2700 breast cancers since the service began in February 1993.”

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