Christmas Appeal

Natalie has one wish this Christmas: that mums don’t lose their kids to cancer.

Like most other proud mums, Natalie talks about her son Kane all the time. But unlike other mums, she’s not talking about his latest triumph on the cricket pitch or what he’s got on his Christmas wish list.

Natalie talks about losing Kane. And her heartfelt desire to save more parents from the grief she lives with every day.

Kane was diagnosed with a rare form of Lymphoma when he was 12 years old. Tragically, Kane’s cancer was aggressive, and he died two weeks after his 13th birthday.

Natalie and her husband, Rick, don’t have any other children and Kane’s death has changed both of them forever.

In Australia, childhood cancer kills more children than any other disease. In 2019, we estimate that 804 children will be diagnosed with cancer and that roughly 100 children will die. That is too many young lives cut short, and too many families torn apart by grief.

But we’ve already made significant progress in bringing those numbers down – thanks to generous supporters like you. Over the years, with your help, Cancer Council Tasmania has invested over $4.7 million in cancer research. Today, more than 84% of children with cancer will survive for five years or longer and most of these children will have a similar long-term prognosis as children who have never had cancer.

One child dying of cancer in Australia is one child too many.

If you are able to help, please click the link below to contribute our research appeal: