Election priorities to support Tasmanians with cancer

6 March 2014

Cancer Council Tasmania today released its State election priorities for the next Government to implement to support Tasmanians with cancer.

CEO Penny Egan said Cancer Council Tasmania’s main priority was for increased Government funding to expand services and increase the cancer education and prevention awareness campaigns.

“We want to maintain and, if possible, expand our current prevention and awareness campaigns and support services to Tasmanians with cancer and their families,” Mrs Egan said.

“We would like government funding of $262,000 for our transport2treatment service which we began in 2006 after we became aware that a significant number of patients were choosing not to undertake treatment for their cancer diagnosis because they could not get to treatment.

“This extra funding would cover the cost of a new service in northern Tasmania as well as contributing to our current operating costs.

“This is a vital service for Tasmanians. From July 2012 to December 2013 we transported about 500 Tasmanians to treatment and made more than 7000 trips.

“We also would like funding to continue to provide programs at our Cancer Support Centre in Launceston such as therapeutic massage, pilates and Living with Cancer Education sessions which are all costly to run.

“Cancer is an insidious disease that does not discriminate by age, gender or race and impacts all of us

“We are not a drain on the public purse and rely on public funding for over 90 per cent of our income.

“Our work significantly reduces the cost and burden to the Government if the services had to be provided by the public sector.”

Mrs Egan said with an ageing population in Tasmania, cancer was becoming more prevalent and on ongoing burden to the health system and governments.

“That is why it is important to invest in prevention and awareness campaigns so people understand that a healthy lifestyle and early detection will provide better and longer term outcomes for Tasmanians,” she said.

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