Prevent Cancer

1 in 3 cancers can be prevented.  Discover simple lifestyle changes that can help reduce your risk.

Get checked

Early detection of cancer or precancerous conditions through screening populations who are asymptomatic (show no signs of disease) is one of the best public health measures for reducing cancer disease burden.

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Be SunSmart


Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. This is largely due to our climate, that many Australians have  fair skin un suited to harsh UV conditions and our love of the great outdoors.


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Quit for good

Smoking is a known carcinogen that increases your risk of many cancers. There are immediate health benefits as soon as you quit smoking.



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Eat a healthy diet

Healthy eating and regular physical activity can lower your risk of cancer as well as help prevent other health problems including cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

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Drink less alcohol

Alcohol use increases the risk of cancer. Cancer Council Tasmania recommends you limit, or better still, avoid alcohol to reduce the risk of cancer.


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Be active. Sit less

There is convincing evidence that regular physical activity protects against colon cancer and probable evidence that it protects against postmenopausal breast cancer and endometrial cancer.

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Workplace information

Tips to cut your cancer risk in the workplace.

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Keep a healthy weight

Keeping a healthy weight will not only cut your cancer risk, it will also help you manage your risk of chronic disease, and add to your overall sense of wellbeing. Any improvement in weight management is beneficial to health.

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UV Daily

If you’re working outside for long periods the following website may be a useful resource. UV Daily has been designed specifically for outdoor workers (mainly  self-employed or those employed in small businesses).

UV Daily

Printable Community Resources

Smoke-free Community Printable Poster – please download and print for use at your next event.