Eat a healthy diet

Healthy eating and regular physical activity can lower your risk of cancer as well as help prevent other health problems including cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. For more information and resources on healthy eating, visit the following websites:

  • Healthy Weight Guide here. 
  • Move Well Eat Well

Move Well Eat Well is a program running in Tasmanian primary schools and early childhood centres promoting healthy eating and regular physical activity.

  • Eat Well Tasmania

Eat Well Tasmania is a state-wide service that provides support and assistance for activities or projects that promote enjoyable healthy eating.

  • The Parents Jury

The Parents Jury is an online network of parents, grandparents and carers that advocate for the improvement of children’s food and physical activity environments in Australia.

  • The Tasmanian School Canteen Association

The Tasmanian School Canteen Association offers support and education to school communities of government and non government schools in the areas of canteen foods, policy, links to the curriculum, marketing and promotion, financial management and food safety and hygiene.

  • Food Marketing to Children                                                    

Restricting unhealthy food and beverage marketing to children has been recognised by the World Health Organization as an important area for action in the prevention of obesity. Reviews have found that children are not fully aware of the persuasive intent of food marketing and that food marketing influences the food preferences of children, generate positive beliefs about the foods advertised, influences purchase requests of children, and influences children’s food consumption. Find out more: Food Marketing to Children

Cooking with Lilly - Healthy Recipes

Local chef Lilly Trewartha has devised some great recipes designed for people recovering from cancer. Why not try making delicious :

  • Roast Chicken and Vegetable Soup
  • Thyme Roast Chicken
  • Oat, Coconut and Banana Bars

Vegetables and Fruit and Legumes

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Wholegrains and Fibre

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Meat, Poultry, Eggs and Fish

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Dairy Products

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Salt and Sugar

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Dietary Supplements

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For more information and resources on healthy eating, visit the following websites.

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