Specialist Directory

The directory below provides links to lists of specialists working in particular areas of oncology. They have been developed by relevant medical colleges and societies. Use these lists to find the names (and contact details in most cases) of doctors who specialise in treating particular types of cancers or use particular techniques.

Please note: not all colleges or medical societies whose members treat cancer patients have made links available; the lists available here do not provide specific information about the training, experience or track record of individual specialists.

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This information and links to other websites are provided to facilitate public access to specialists and sub-specialists. Cancer Council Tasmania undertakes reasonable efforts to ensure the links are correct, but is not responsible for the content of the websites to which we link. Lists are developed and maintained by the relevant medical college or society. Cancer Council Tasmania does not warrant the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of information provided by other organisations. Cancer Council Tasmania does not in any way endorse any individual in a list to which we link.