A Splash of Paris Memorial Footy Tipping Competition

A Splash of Paris Memorial Footy Tipping Competition is a not-for-profit football tipping competition which provides enjoyment, winnings for some and annual donations to Cancer Council Tasmania


Mark and Elizabeth Wilsdon had a popular BYO restaurant called The Paris in South Hobart.

They then opened a larger licensed restaurant in Elizabeth St Pier and called it “A Splash of Paris” because of the old restaurant and their own love of Paris France.

An internal tipping competition was started for staff and suppliers. Mark’s father Harry had recently retired so they asked him to run it.

In January 2002 Elizabeth was diagnosed with cancer and the restaurant was put immediately on the market.

Cancer took Elizabeth in August 2003, but not before she asked Harry to keep the “Splash of Paris Tipping” going.

The “Elizabeth Wilsdon Perpetual Trophy” was created for the winner each year and rules established to have surplus funds donated to Cancer Council Tasmania.

In 2010 the “Gazza” Memorial Perpetual Trophy was established for the Champion Junior Tipper each year; in memory of one of the inaugural Tippers who also passed away.  Gazza (Gary Cooper) was one of the inaugural suppliers for the restaurant.

The competition has grown each year and now has 150 members who are in every state of Australia and in England and Switzerland

In that 10 years, an amount in excess of $17,000 has been raised for Cancer Council Tasmania.


Run by Jan and Harry Wilsdon (aka Tipper Central) from their home; mostly by email.  Funds are carefully cared for by Tiger Treasury (aka Sandra and Roy Paine).

Each tipper has a tipper name and mystery surrounds the real identity of some of them.

Each Tipper pays $50 in advance for the year. 

Before the first game each round, tips are lodged and a winning margin nominated for a pre-determined “game of round”.  This can be done on a form supplied in advance by Tipper Central but it does not have to be used.  Tips come in by email (TC prefers that); by fax and by phone.

There are Gold, Silver and Bronze awards each week

A newsletter is published; with weekly results and comments from a team of fictitious journalists.  This is very tongue-in-cheek and “piss take” comment in columns like “Gossip from Gladys”; “Ralph’s Reliable Rumours”; “Quizzical Quentin’s Quotes”; “Junior Jester”; “Senior Syd” and a word from “The Wise One Guru Neville”.  These comments are loosely tied to AFL and loosely tied to truth.

Any new Tippers are welcome and could contact Tipper Central on hwilsdon@bigpond.net.au to receive a starter kit for 2017.

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