Standing Room Only big fundraiser

15 April 2014

A gathering of former leading Hobart rock singers and musicians has raised more than $14,000 in just one night for Cancer Council Tasmania.

CEO Penny Egan today commended the organisers of the second Standing Room Only – For the Fallen event at the Republic Bar in Hobart.

“We are overwhelmed at the generosity and the energy of everyone who took part and everyone who attended.

“It was certainly standing room only with hundreds of people enjoying a blast from the past.

“Cancer Council Tasmania relies on fundraising events such as this for more than 90 per cent of our funding.

“To raise $14,465 in just one night is amazing.

“We are extremely grateful that a group of former singers and musicians who played in Hobart in the 1980s have come together to organise this event for us.”

One of the organisers, Rod Miller, who now lives in Victoria, said the first Standing Room Only had been intended to be a one off event to remember former band members

“We got together to farewell a mate with terminal cancer and got talking about the old days in Hobart in the 1980’s,” Mr Miller said.

“We wanted it to be a tribute to our mates who had passed away from cancer and to also raise some money to be beat this insidious disease.

“After the response to the first Standing Room Only we decided it should continue and become and annual event.

“It is great for people to re-live the old days and come together in a small, pub venue and enjoy themselves while also doing their bit for cancer.”

2014-03-24 11.48.38
Penny Egan (CCT) and Standing Room Only organisers