Workplace Giving

Fighting cancer is everyone’s business

Workplace (Payroll) Giving enables employees to give directly to Cancer Council Tasmania from their pre-tax pay and  is the simplest, most tax-efficient and cost effective way to donate. No matter the size of the donation it makes a difference.

By making a regular pre-tax donation from your pay you get an immediate tax benefit and can be facilitated through your company payroll (in most cases.) It is as simple as filling in our payment authorisation form  (Download  link) and giving this to your payroll manager and  then you don’t need to think about it again. Donations are automatically deducted  and best of all there is no need to collect, keep or claim receipts.

How does it work?

To the employer

By taking part in Workplace Giving  you are engaging your employees and your  local community by supporting the programs and services that we provide with all funds raised  in Tasmanian staying in Tasmania to support Tasmanians.

Many employers also choose to match employee donations or make one-off corporate charity donations, giving each employee contribution even more value in the fight against cancer.

Workplace Giving is mutually beneficial to us both

Your business

  • Joining the fight against cancer
  • Pre-tax benefits without the paperwork
  • A low involvement way to partner with the most recognised cancer charity in Australia
  • It will invigorate your Corporate Social Responsibility practices by motivating staff through an integrated staff engagement program
  • Be educated in cancer prevention, screening, evidence based up-to-date education resources, research projects, support services for those affected by cancer and advocacy projects for better health outcomes for all.

For us

  • Provides a regular income stream  for long term, stable funding for core programs
  • Builds new relationships through our Corporate Partnership program
  • Donations have a greater impact due to the pre-tax amount we receive
  • Access to valuable skills and expertise through the building of the relationship

Getting started

The Australian Government also provides some useful information on setting up a workplace giving program.